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A Failing Sales Pitch

A failing sales pitch......
I love my city. I love everything about it. I love the architecture, the music, the food, the culture (where I cut my teeth), and even some of its politics. Well, not the politics as much, but it helps me understand the world better, how far peple will go for a dollar, our belief in the people, etc. 
With that being said, I absolutely hate the fact that New Orleans is becoming controversarily unlivable. Whenever I have a discussion about my city, the argument against living here is not only valid, but they tend to leave me with nothing to counter with except, "It's like that in every major city in America. (Atlanta, Chicago, New York, L.A., Houston, MIami` Detroit)" Although I believe that talking point, I can't help but to understand their sentiment. All they really want is less crime, better education opportunities for their children, decent living conditions, right?
Well, the thing that made New Orleans special was that very setiment. The crime was sky high then, but we as a unified people fought tirelessly. The education that we recieved was much greater than anything that you could judge by standardized test scores and teachers' salaries, and we still showed exemplary marks. 
Now, maybe I'm too much of an optimist, but I for one believe that if we move out and go somewhere else, we're running from something that we don't have to run from. If we, the good people, choose to stay, we can give the place we call home a fighting chance to be prosperous again, through our control. It has become common practice in America where we are so quick to just leave and give up. Our ancestors didn't teach us this. They taught us to stand up and fight for what's ours. I may not totally agree with most libertarians on much, but standing for something they believe in, much respect.
Are things different than when we were younger? Yes. Was there crime? Yes. Was the school system flawed? Hell yes! But, through something miraculous, we endured, while enjoying everyday that had been given to us. That's what we called Quality Of Life. It molded us into the very humbled, actionary, WISE, learned people that we are today. 
If there's anything I've learned from being a musician, listening is the most important part of life. It tells you that, even though this way is harder, it's more benificial. When was the last time we stopped to listen to what our city is telling us? Our neighborhood? Our block? I know for certain she's not telling us to leave.
While I do understand the risks involved with living in this city, what are we gonna say 5 years from now when she's gentrified beyond recognition? Will you want to come back then? You know the gumbo will taste different then. Why? Because we know the right recipe. So, who better than us to fix this dilemma?

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