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Clyde's Way

   One of the tunes on my album, Treme' (written waaay before the series ever came out LOL) is a tune that was written by one of my biggest influences, Clyde Kerr Jr. At NOCCA (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, for those who don't know), he was one of the main inspirations behind all of us there to achieve our very best. He helped teach us that life, just like music, is a journey. It was always hip to check out how he would try to explain approaching the music. "Developing your solo is like that can of beans on the top shelf in the cupboard. Ya gotta keep reaching." He will be missed....

   Those type of educators seem rare now. They possessed not only the passion for the subject at hand, but they took a much needed interest in the developing minds they were educating. In some cases, they filled the life voids where others couldn't. They commanded respect because education came first. I know those type of educators are still out there, but where are they?


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