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   I went to see "Think Like A Man" the other day. First, I thought it was a well put together movie with good script writing, good acting choices, even good cinematography. It's refreshing to see a black film that has that combination work well for them (unlike some black movies I've seen in recent past LOL)

   Needless to say, it got me to thinking about this controversial ideal that we call Love. Is there a validity to the principles in Steve Harvey's book? I personally believe that his characters (The Dreamer, The Player, The Mama's Boy and Non-Commiter) are a little too cut and dry. I see myself as a little bit of all those characters, depending on what phase I'm in in life. 

   Also, at the risk of seeming a bit more controversial, I think this book is pretty much a manual for women on how to control men. The fact that the men in the movie figured it out, which by the way was a nice twist, became an age old ideal: The men were dogs who found the owners' manual. 

   Now, maybe I'm wrong, but.......

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