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Mo Better

   One of my all-time favorite movies is one that inspired me to pursue a career in this great music we call "Jazz" is Mo' Better Blues......


   As I was sitting there (on my little "leave me alone" time) watching this on one of these movie channels, I listened to the dialogue, which several times I interpreted as small talk. My wheels started to turn.....


   Did the writers for this film write for a flow, or were they making a prediction into the future? Bleek believed that his music, on face value, had enough asthetic appeal to any audience, which is his justification for the art. Shadow, on the other hand (just got the name connection LOL), had always seen his music having a more grounded connection to the people, arguing his justification of everyday change.


   So, are we seeing the evolved changes in the music as Shadow predicted, or are we passing tradition as Bleek's Utopian vision?

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