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My 1st Post

Today is April 19.....


   My head tends to hang in meditation as I play "A Sister's Song (for Shelley)". It's been almost ten years. Today she would have made 39 years old. A lot of times I feel I could've done more with her, but I cherish the times we shared. She was my 1st roommate. Dudes would often mistake me for her ole' man (always funny) because we were so close. My heart tends to hurt every once in awhile. So, I sit on the porch, have a glass of box wine, and set a Black n Mild for her. Enjoy sis....


   But this day is not all for mourn. Also born on this day was my niece some 12 years ago. When we're together, people often mistake her for my daughter. She calls me just to see how I'm doing. She keeps me happy and grateful to have family. I thank the creator for the opportunity to do for my family as they do for me. If you're reading this, don't miss the chance to hug your children, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents. Let them know that they are special. They are as wonderful as you can ever see them. Peace

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