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Quiet Storm Radio

"What the world needs now..... is not another love song."


I've been listening to the radio lately, so you might know where I'm going with this. LOL

The question always comes up as to whether there's any music that's about love anymore. It seems as if it's always about pain, violence, drugs, criminal activity, etc.

I have a theory...

The love that was once expressed in the "golden era" is quite different. That type of love lent itself to ideas like courtship, manners, romance....

For the most part, that's pretty much all gone now. All that's left is an weird idea of what love is. Why would the music be any different? Hell, why would we expect it to be any different?

Why would we believe that core values of love (caring, sacrifice) is instilled in my generation? After all, it was put in our heads some time ago (the 80s) that money, and the pursuit of it, would fill the void in all the social gaps that we have. The musical contribution of the 90s brought us that hate love. You know, the people we can't stand to be with, but we're with them anyways. That ghetto fabulous love. The 00s didn't stand a chance.........

So, I'm gonna keep listening to the Quiet Storm, and you keep dusting off those old records. It don't get no better........

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