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Why It All Makes Sense After A While......

Recently, my attention has been geared towards turning the radio off. I can't really think of a tme in my life when I've felt this way to this degree. The music that plays on some of my favorite stations has let me down so hard. It's got me singing some of the silliest shit ever. Who would've thought I'd be humming about this?


I was listening to a collection of the 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs and I ran across the lightbulb that put it into perspective.....

There's nothing else on!!!!!!!

When I was a young and impressionable kid, on my radio I had the choice of listening to NWA AND Public Enemy; Ghetto Boys AND Tribe Called Quest; Lil' Kim AND Queen Latifah. The eclectic mix of influences help our development not only as artists, but people as well.

My musical palette (like so many other musicians) was filled with Hip Hop that not only was diverse in subject and spirit, but it also provided the mainstream audience with a choice. People have been deprived of this much needed ideal. When will the pardigm shift back to where the little man has a fighting chance of not selling his soul to get his 15 minutes? Will there ever be a time when the bottom line in mainstream will not be about profit margins? I'm not against making money, but at what cost? In the habitual words of brother Calvin Mackie "Letz Get It People!"

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